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About Us

Baoji Ruicheng Titanium Metal Co., Ltd., is located in High-tech Development Zone of Baoji city,which is famous as "Chinese titanium city"of Shaanxi province of China. Ruicheng is a high-tech enterprise featured with strong power, advanced technology, high quality of product and good service. In recent years, depending on abundant industrial resource of "Chinese titanium city", company has stro...




What is Hypochlorous Acid

Hypochlorous acid water
Hypochlorous acid water, also known as slightly acidic hyp...



The difference between residual chlorine and total chlorine

1. Concept A. Active chlorine: refers to the oxidizing chlorine content produced by the ad...



Sponge titanium price continues to fall

In recent days, I received a call from the downstream customers of sponge titanium enterprises, say...

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